A “Jobsworth” is generally a term of derision, but add a raft of common sense, and a liberal dose of industry knowledge and you will find the ethos behind the company and the reason why it has remained so successful and competitive for over fifteen years.



We make “recruitment simple”; We listen to the needs of our clients and candidates, give honest feedback to both, and we match the best person to the job that we have. No secret formulas, just an understanding of recruitment and a grown up approach to the job.



Because our clients operations run around the clock it is important that we are on hand to provide fast, informed solutions at all times. We operate 24/7, with many initial calls done outside of work hours, giving both parties the best chance to listen to and understand opportunities and needs.

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Your Trusted Recruitment Specialists

Having a satisfying, fairly paid job is one of the key parts to most adult lives. When it is good employment offers a sense of security and purpose. People enjoy going to work.

However there are occasions when a job keeps you awake at night, makes you stressed, leaves you cold. This is when a recruitment agency can be of real assistance to you.

Jobsworth aim to take away the stress of changing jobs. From the initial interview with a friendly consultant to the final step of negotiating a contract with your new employer, we will be on hand to provide you with practical advice and honest feedback that keeps you informed and empowered every step of the way.

Our team have helped thousands of people find temporary, contract and permanent work in all manner of roles, and they will be on hand to help you find your next perfect role.

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"We have agencies promising a great service every day, but our business is reactive and based on short notice spikes, Jobsworth manages to accommodate our fluctuating needs, and has done for two decades. I have confidence in Jobsworth to consistently deliver on our short notice peak requirements allows us to focus on our job in hand. Our strong working relationship and the consultants understanding of our distribution needs have been crucial to our operation. "
Dave Higgs, General Manager Distribution
"Jobsworth Recruitment has assisted us with our recruitment for Shunts and LGV Drivers for several years now. We have built a long standing and successful business relationship and would like to thank Jobsworth for its hard work and placing excellent candidates with us when required."
Adam Jones, Director, Adam Jones Group
"Thank you John and thank you Jobsworth, we will definitely be returning to you for our further training needs."
Duncan P Brazier, UK Branch Manager, Dairymaster Limited
"The service we receive from Jobsworth is second to none. As a smaller arm of a larger group we receive the same level of service and commitment as our fellow departments who have greater and more lucrative needs. Their main strength is they see every arm of our operation as an equal and apply the same dedication and ethos to each."
Bob Cash, Operations Director, Blakemore Fresh Meats
"When I first phoned up it was nice to hear someone who was down to earth and helpful from the off, just to hear the words "I don’t want to drag you over here to fill paperwork in and then have the [client decide you are not right for the role], its just a waste of all of our time,’ was such a refreshing change from every other agency I had approached in the previous 5 weeks of unemployment...As someone who had not been unemployed for nearly 20 years it was really good the way everyone was helpful and welcoming when I did come to your office."
B Jackson, Temporary Worker
"I can confirm that I have dealt with Jobsworth Recruitment Solutions for a period spanning 15 years, during this time they have provided AF Blakemore with a comprehensive recruitment service across our varied distribution sites. They have worked proactively as a recruitment partner who understands the needs of our operation and seasonal trends. Their flexible approach to providing us short to medium term solutions is the main reason that they have remained as our primary source for recruiting across our sites. I can with confidence recommend Jobsworth Recruitment Solutions as a solid and reliable supplier to the FMCG industry."
M Deakin, Logistics Manager, A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd
"We feel having such a strong long standing relationship with Jobsworth is complimentary to the ethos of AF Blakemore as a group. Their overall understanding of our operation has given me confidence to task Jobsworth with assisting with the launch of numerous new contracts, to which they have recruited and implemented with exemplary professionalism."
Andy Grinsell , Food Service & Wholesale Distribution Operations Director
"I have been working for Saint Gobain for 2 years and within this time I have built a very good relationship with Jobsworth and would consider them to be a very trustworthy company who support the Saint Gobain contract. When looking for drivers in the Birmingham and Bristol area I will always go to Jobsworth as a first point of call as they provide us with a higher volume of HIAB drivers than any other supplier in the area. When giving them an order they will always give a great customer service to ensure that the client’s needs are fulfilled.

The Summer of 2013 saw the volume of drivers exceed our estimates and, after speaking to James, he and the company took a coach out around the West of the country and actively recruited more HIAB drivers to fill our needs to supply to the areas in which we were struggling to find drivers.

This relationship has helped our branches when requesting drivers, as they will often request drivers specifically from Jobsworth for formularisation and the great rapport they have built with the drivers. Overall this helps to provide a excellence service on behalf of Saint Gobain and I would highly recommend them."

Stephanie Paterson, Driver Hire Manager
"I have worked with Jobsworth Recruitment Solutions for almost a year now. As our business has expanded, their help and support in finding great candidates for both our Production and Warehouse functions has been vital to achieving business targets this year. The relationship is built on trust, good communication and an understanding of the positions at Purity Soft Drinks and the caliber of staff we require. The ability to contact Jobsworth 24/7 and having that short notice support has proved invaluable to ensure production lines continue to run. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Jobsworth to any employers in the area. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jobsworth Recruitment Solutions for their help and continued support."
Rich Proctor, Operations Director, Purity Soft Drinks
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Long standing working relationships with many local companies, and a good knowledge of their staffing needs mean that we always have a wide range of jobs on offer.

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A state of the art candidate database, ongoing skills testing, and a 24 hour hotline to a consultant give our clients the support they need whenever they need it.



Our aim has always been stability; we are relationship focused. We forge long term partnerships with all of our clients so that we understand their needs, and manage them individually.



You’re only a few steps away from landing your next job. Get in touch today and speak to our team, we look forward to working with you.

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